Trey and I have found a new fun activity to do together. (This will reveal how incredibly cool I am) We sit and watch NASA online videos together! He likes to watch space ships and rockets while I try to interest him in pictures of the Milky Way and Hourglass Nebula. I know… he really has no understanding of space yet…. that is way outside of his comprehension. He gets stars and rockets… that’s about it. Maybe I am totally using him as an excuse to search Youtube, Google and NASA’s site to feed my space fetish! I love astronomy!

This picture is amazing! This is the planets to scale. Look how small the Earth is! And we are even a thousand times smaller being one of the 6 billion people that populate this little planet! Did God create everything on such a grand scale to remind us of something very important? I wonder….

I have been reading through Genesis, as I mentioned before. Today I read Genesis 10 and I won’t lie… I fell asleep. It is another chapter of genealogy….who begot who and who died. Don’t get me wrong. I love God’s Word! There are just some chapters and verse that “speak” to me more than others.
But, today I needed a Word from the Lord so badly. I finished up the chapter and just sighed. But, I could hear God whisper to my heart. “You’re small.”
Whew! Encouraging! Right?!
Actually it is. See today was just one of those days. I had the exciting privilege of going to CVS and the Dollar Store. I stressed about what money to spend and what coupons to use. I stressed about the decision to get my sick kids out of the house. I stressed about the gas money and the route I took. Stupid, miniscule, decisions will sink my day.
But! I am small. I am a breath, here today gone tomorrow.
So in short…. IT DOESN’T MATTER!
What matters is Jesus! Because He isn’t small. He isn’t a breath. His life and glory is eternal! Plugging in to where He is at work is what matters! If I spent $5 over my budget or gave my son McDonald’s one to many times…. I think He is over it. I think He is much bigger than my little unintentional mistakes. My life is His. I don’t have to stress over the details. I just need to humbly follow Him! And to take it one step further… I shouldn’t be embarrassed or fearful of what He calls me to do. I only have this one, short, life that He has given. Does anything really matter but Him?
Behold You have made my days as handbreaths and my lifetime is nothing in Your sight; surely every man at his best is a mere breath. Selah. Psalm 39:5


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