Teaching, Trey and the letter “T”

After stressing and analyzing for way too long…. I came up with a simple plan for working with Trey.
October we are learning the letters T-R-E-Y the theme is “God made…” It will obviously end with “God made Trey”
November- not sure about the letters but the theme is “Thank you God for…” in lue of Thanksgiving
December- the theme is “God gave…” This month will be focused around God giving his son Jesus/Christmas!

I searched the hundreds of “mom sites” and got very overwhelmed. I finally decided what to do one night when Mark had the computer and I sat down with just a pen and paper. Simple is good. I have to get together a outline before I can research ideas.

The first week of working with him went pretty well. We talked about the letter “T”. Made a “T tree” and made “thank you notes”. I have a couple more “T” things planned next week.

I was pretty proud of my “T” tree idea. It incorporates the letter and the season : )

My son is not the artsy one. He liked painting the glue on the “T” and that was about it. I had his attention for maybe 2 minutes…. but I guess we have to start somewhere : )


One Comment on “Teaching, Trey and the letter “T””

  1. aimee says:

    Something I do with my class I bet he would really like is we put “tracks” on T. I make a large letter T on paper and then we dip the wheels of cars in the paint and they drive them across the letter. My boys always love it!

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