Daily Moments ~

I saw a blog that had a recap of some “Daily Moments” in their family through out the week. I loved this idea! God is so good to us! Even amidst the craziness of our ‘journey’ right now, I feel like God has allowed us to treasure our kids and family! Every day I have moments where I almost “loose it” and more moments that I savor and enjoy! I love my kids ages…. even if I don’t get to sleep a lot! More time to enjoy them right?!
(I certainly won’t promise this every week but this was a good week : )
This is a picture from First Sunday. It is my favorite Sunday of the month! Our church goes out in to the community and serves instead of holding weekly services! Mark cooked breakfast for the homeless and I did some painting at a Maternity Home in midtown.
There is no “moment” from Monday. It was a rough day. Trey and I were both kinda sick. I was insanely dizzy (I think exhaustion…. have I mentioned my kids don’t sleep)! I never do this but we spent the day on the couch… nothing exciting…
Tuesday… Trey and I still weren’t feeling so great but I decided to ignore it instead… it worked actually! We ended up having a great day!

Wednesday… It has been BEAUTIFUL this week and cool! Hallelujah! Yeah for fall clothes and being able to stand going outside!

Thursday… It has been nice to enjoy the backyard again! This is Trey’s new favorite thing to do… play “Go Braves”.

This one is great! Trey and Mark ran to get some stuff before Journey Group. Trey was getting down to Mark’s music when they pulled in the car port.

Friday… I have been waiting for the day when Miss Priss could wear this! I dressed both the kids up… planned on getting out of the house and doing something different… we ended up just going to Walmart. But, “Hey!” they looked darn cute! : )


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