So I have started selling my art again. This is big for me. After many failed attempts at trying some new things… I am really going out there on a limb and trying this again. I have sold two pieces in the first week so I’m feeling pretty good : )
Why the name Penelope? Well, honestly I was making a fan page on facebook and realized I needed a name… I had not even thought about it up until this point. I looked up from the computer screen, across my den and saw my old Cabbage Patch doll, Penelope, sitting in a pile of toys on the other side of the room. So I named it Penelope. The name was just a place holder really.
I have always loved the name! if it weren’t for my husband’s distain for it, my daughter would be named Penelope June. But obviously I did not win out. So if I can’t name my child Penelope, I will name my art Penelope, right?!
After further research I learned Penelope means, “weaver”. Appropriate! The story of Penelope is this …

In Greek mythology, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus who waited for him to return to her for twenty years. She avoided remarriage by claiming she would not remarry until she had completed her father-in-law’s funeral shroud; every night, she unraveled part of the shroud so that the project would take a very long time. In literature, her name has become synonymous with faithfulness.

I can relate somewhat. I feel as if I am in a season of waiting or maybe wondering. We are waiting for God to come through on some specific promises. I know we have lots of critics on how we should do things or shouldn’t do things. All I know is when my husband and I bow before the Lord we have total assurance we are doing all that He has called us to do. He has us in somewhat of a storm right now and all he has told us to do is to “stay in the boat” and stay faithful to Him. Like the disciples that freaked out in the midst of the storm (when Jesus was in the boat) I do the same. I know God is with us. I don’t always feel Him or understand Him, but I know He is here with us, just like He was with His disciples that stormy in night (Matthew 8:23-28).
So what does that have to do with painting? Well, my art is my response to the Lord. Sometimes I don’t have words or questions or even emotions. I understand that verse “in repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength” Isaiah 30:15. I, one who has never been short on words, have been very quiet lately. My silence is my trust.
So, I paint. My painting is more therapeutic than any money could buy. It is like I just sit and paint with the Lord. Even if my kids are up, playing, and making lots of noise, I can still feel God’s quiet presence with me. Even if I am painting a little boy’s name plaque, it is worshipful. My art is my worship and prayer and trust in my God. I pray that He will find me faithful, even if this season lasts years.

Penelope. Art


One Comment on “Penelope.”

  1. ruthie says:

    i love the name Penelope June! I think it is super cute 😉

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