T is for “tree” God made trees.

Here is a very simple “T” craft. My son is two and I have his attention for maybe two minutes… so all our activities are simple!
Materials: paper towel roll, scrap construction paper, glue
Cut slits in the top of the paper towel roll and roll them downward.

Trey painted the limbs with glue and then placed the paper scraps on the limbs. Use colors to coordinate with seasons. I thought it would even be neat to save the trees and have one for every season. Or make four trees, one for every season, all for the same activity. Trey is not ready to totally understand that yet.
Anyway… simple and easy!

While we painted, we talked about trees. I told him that God made trees. We talked about different trees, how leaves fall, trees in our backyard and colors. I told him that I thought it was cool that God made some trees that have leaves that change colors (we live in South GA folks… its just some trees). “Isn’t God cool?! He is an artist like you, Trey! He makes things interesting and colorful!”
I focus on very simple truths. For Trey, he only understands what is tangible and right in front of him. He is VERY self focused so if I can connect truths to Trey, its good. My goal is to highlight and draw his attention to God’s creation that is around him everyday… to kind of in a way begin to introduce him to God as his Creator!


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