Finding God in a missing toy car

Along with daily moments, God is so good to give us God moments throughout the week. I realized there are so many little ways God provides for us or just does something cool! They are not huge but they are huge reminders of His faithfulness. I want to bring Him glory and share them as much as I can….

Trey LOVES the movie “Cars” or “Lightning McQueen movie” as he calls it. He loves to “play cars”. He spends at least an hour or so through out the day “playing cars”. His favorite car is… you guessed it… is his Lightning McQueen car.
We had to go grocery shopping the other night. We got the bright idea to let Trey bring a couple of cars. Of course, he picked Lightning to take.
We got to the store and the car trick worked like a carm. Trey played with the cars in the seat of the “spaceship cart”, while we shopped. While we were loading up groceries in the car, I checked to make sure we had LM and sure enough he was no where to be found.
I searched the store. I retraced every step…. but no LM. Mark decided to take Trey inside hoping he would remember where he put him. Before Mark and Trey went inside, Mark told Trey to ask God to help him find his car. It may seem dumb but this was a big deal for Trey. And don’t you know Mark and I wanted Trey to walk in that store and see LM right where we left him. Would that not be a great “God Story”!? Well it didn’t happen. After about 30 minutes of looking, Mark and Trey came out side very defeated and sad.
It was one of those moments I didn’t understand. Wouldn’t that have been a great faith lesson? Shoot, that would have tremendously encouraged Mark and I! I was a little angry…
Mark and I almost drove straight to Walmart to buy him a new one…. but we had milk in the car. As we were unloading bags, Trey was mopping around. I remembered a couple of weeks ago my mom and I had found a Lightning McQueen Halloween costume at a thrift store. My car is usually so clean but this one time, I had left something in the back seat. (I hope you hear the sarcasm there…my car is always a mess). Anyway, I told Trey we didn’t find his car but we did have a big Lightning McQueen! I put the costume on him and he lit up and “drove” around the house until bed time.

Now this is so small. But it was so cool that #1 my mom and I found a cheap Lightning McQueen costume and #2 that I had forgotten about it in the car until that perfect moment!

When we were putting him to bed, God gave me something. I told Trey that it was sad we did not find LM. “Sometimes God does not always give us the things that we want but let’s not loose focus of everything we already had, everything God already gave us.” We had just gotten back from the grocery store and had a full pantry and packed refrigerator (and for our budget that is a luxury!)!
Trey was sweet (and probably really didn’t understand) said, “Yeah, Mommy!”

Mark and I were talking later. The whole outcome of the night upset us more than a lost race car really should…. sometimes its the little things that can break you… I guess its one of those ” you can mess with me but not my kids moments”. Mark said something that put me in my place though. He said, “even if nothing in my life goes the way I thought it should but it is what God wants, I have to be okay with that. God has given us eternal life and that alone is enough and beyond what I deserve. I have to trust God’s sovereignty in the mean time.
So, I am not there yet…. my husbands faith far surpasses mine most of the time…. I want my plastic race car! But Mark is right. God never promised following Him would be pretty, predictable, easy or what we want. He is God. If He wants to give us a pretty little faith moment in finding a race car then He can. If He doesn’t, He doesn’t. He is God…. but what I am learning more and more every day is despite the ugliness, “unpredictable-ness”, difficulty of following the Lord, He is God but He is always good! I will have to trust him with the things I don’t understand.


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