Thinking about throwing in the scissors…

I have really gotten in to “couponing” lately. Last week I scored big at Publix. I paid $26 and saved $56. It is exciting for me. I have always been a bargain shopper. Shopping is more about the “hunt than the kill”, so to speak, to me.
But it takes so much time! I need the bargains but I am afraid, if I’m really honest, I can spend the same amount of money, get close to the same amount of stuff and just got to stinkin’ Walmart!
With my kids so young and my time so short…. I am just trying to weigh it out in my head if it’s really worth it.
Last week for an example, I spent probably over 15 hours cutting coupons and researching deals. We went to 4 different grocery stores. The two nights our family had together were at the grocery store… not so great quality time. I don’t know… maybe I just love shopping. I can’t afford it so this how I deal with my addiction… hmmm… maybe that’s too much for my blog ; )
Anyway… I am conducting an experiment next week. I am taking the same amount of money to Walmart, (with a plan and menu) spending a whole lot less time and seeing what I get.
Stay tuned for my conclusion : )


4 Comments on “Thinking about throwing in the scissors…”

  1. Betsy says:

    I quit couponing for the same reason…too much time at the grocery store! I go to Wal-Mart once a month and buy everything we need and save a portion of the grocery money for milk and other necessities (fresh fruits/veggies) for the month. I’m anxious to see how your ‘experiment’ turns out!

  2. Monica says:

    I am curious too. Be sure to blog about it! I have never been a “true couponer”. If I see some that I can use, I use ’em. If I get a chance to go online and print some, then great. I can’t “get into” the craze. I have to watch myself even with some sales so that I don’t come back with a ridiculous amount of something we wont use up or eat all of. I get in the same trouble at Sam’s too. There are things that make sense and are a bargain, others not so much in the grand scheme. I don’t have a big kitchen with not much storage at all, so storage is a problem with bulk items. And I totally feel your pain with different stores. I can’t imagine how you do it with two.

    I am currently buying once a month at Sam’s, the big stuff and meat. Every 2 weeks for “menu” items and then once a week for produce, milk, whatever I forgot. We have a food lion about 3 miles away that is so convenient, plus has shopping cars with steering wheels. (a huge feature for shopping with a toddler boy as you know). Some things are much cheaper there, others are much more expensive. I did a chart a few months back comparing Walmart, Target, Kroger & Food Lion for things I buy regularly. (We don’t have a Publix that is convenient for me) Walmart was usually cheaper on several things, but then there would be one item where it was a good bit more. In the end it didn’t convince me anywhere was cheaper, it just convinced me that wherever was convenient that week…worked best. Where I had store coupons or what was in the direction I was headed.

    Anyway, I rambled. Sorry. I am anxious to see what happens!!

  3. Yeah we have a very limited grocery budget so I want to make every dollar “scream”. The time at the store isn’t the biggest issue as much as the time it takes researching and “couponing” at home. I make a list and can be in and out pretty quickly…. especially with my kids… I just don’t know if its all worth it in the end.
    I will try next week and see but I think I can buy mostly off brand at Walmart or Kroger and spend get about the same stuff.
    Publix is the most expensive for staples and such but b/c they take all competitor coupons, I can get away spending the least there…. its just getting together the plan that’s the time consuming part!

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