Finding time for God with an infant and toddler!

Its almost impossible. Good Luck! The End.

I’m kidding… kind of.

I am needy when it comes to time with the Lord. I MUST have it or you don’t want to be around me. I guess that makes me extra sinful… because I need so much of Him just to make it through the day.
It was pretty easy in high school and college. I just set my alarm and hour or so early… no problem… just a little sleepy. When I got married things changed a little. Adjusting my schedule to Mark’s was a little more complicated than I thought. But eventually I adjusted. When I had my son, I went through a really dry spell. I was not prepared for the “24 hour-ness” of motherhood. There was no more morning… all the days kind of evolved into another. Finally after he got on a little better schedule, I “found” regular time to be alone with God. I usually woke up when Mark went to work (which has been extremely early our entire marriage) and read after he left and before Trey woke up. Life was pretty easy as far as schedules go there for a little while. My son slept from around 8am-8pm and took a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Beautiful.
{enter my daughter}
And CRASH all sense of schedule and normalcy vaporize!
She tricked us at about 4 weeks and slept through the night, like 9am-6am through the night, for about 3 or 4 weeks. Ever since her 3 month “b-day”, she and my son have have stopped sleeping. Yes, I have read and “done” babywise. Yes, I know I should let them “cry it out” and I have…. but its harder when the one wakes up the other. They both get energy from an unknown source and I swear to you just don’t sleep!
Waking up early just doesn’t work when you went to bed at 3am or when I do wake up early I usually have company.
So back to the drawing board.
(I know the Lord is always with me but there is nothing like that “time” with Him you know?)
So here are some tips if you are in the same boat as me.
#1 Take a drive!
Put on some worship music… load so as to drown out the backseat… and DRIVE! I used to do this without kids. Now they come along and usually are pretty mellow and/or sleep! You can talk to God out load or sing or whatever! The car is a wonderful place!
#2 Paint, draw, or sing!
You can involve your kids or not, that is up to you. But I will sit down to paint and be able to worship the Lord even with whining or chatter from my children. Sometimes I sit down to color with Trey and draw out my prayers to God. One day we played with play dough and I sculpted some things I was praying through. It keeps me focused and adds a whole new element to my prayer time with the Lord.

#3 Google
I love space! Nothing makes me see the awesomeness of the Lord like looking at stars and such. Sometimes Trey and I sit down and google pictures of stars, moon, far off galaxies, pictures from the space station… you name it. NASA has a “picture of the day” page. It is really cool! This one is two fold. You show your kids the wonders of God and can worship Him and admire yourself!
#4 Lock the kids in their room!
Although my kids are young, the can handle quiet play in their room. Sometimes, I send Trey to bed with a couple cars and throw a couple toys in Miss Priss’s bed and buy myself about 30 mins of alone time!
#5 Put scripture everywhere!
I don’t have a dishwasher. So I spend A LOT of time at my sink! I put scripture along the sides of my cabinets. I just about have all the scripture I have placed there memorized. I also put scripture inside the cabinets, on the back of certain doors I open a lot, and by the chair I sit in to nurse. I put what I need to hear and remember in strategic places to always try to keep God’s Word on my heart.

#6 Take a Walk
Obviously this is good in more than one way… but walking is a great time to talk to Jesus!

#7 Get away!
Sometimes, you just need to get away! Hire a babysitter or a husband and leave! But don’t just leave… leave and be alone with your God. One time, I was low on gas so I just left and parked the car in a safe parking lot and just read and watched the sunset. It was good!

This is just another “phase” of my journey with the Lord. It has its obstacles but it is just like another relationship and takes work! Enjoy finding your place and time with the Lord!


4 Comments on “Finding time for God with an infant and toddler!”

  1. Tricia says:

    You made me laugh out loud with your first line! So many times it does feel exactly like that. Thank you for your honesty. I love, love all your practical examples. It’s all about praying without ceasing even amidst the noise. And lots of one line HELP! prayers 🙂

    You are such encouragement.

  2. monica says:

    Again I say, how do you do it with two?! I love your honesty and so wish you lived closer. I need to bond with you more frequently, not everyone is so honest and open. I love you!!

    And…on topic, sort of, or not.. I went to a “fearless” by Max Lucado Bible study with Myra Woods as the leader this past 8ish weeks. The one main thing I took away had nothing to do with fears, well maybe sort of. I have known Myra personally for years and always tell people first and foremost, that woman knows scripture like nobody’s business. She does and she puts value on it, the woman knows the Bible. I want that. I want it to magically appear in my head and heart though. She encouraged us to memorize scripture and although I only got 2 more down, it’s 2 more than I had before I started. It did remind me how very important it is and I’ve called on those two verses 142 times at least in the past 8 weeks. Having your memory tank full is so very important, it fills your heart. Love your ideas!

  3. Melissa Proper says:

    I just stumbled into your blog site while reading your fb status.

    As you know I have been going through the same challenges with having two adorable little ones! I’m thankful for my life but sometimes if not most, my relationship with God is as far off the schedule as can be. You have inspired me to strive to make that special/much needed time in my life…again.

    I know we havent done much or anything together and our relationship has been through FB, but I’m thankful for you and the inspiration you have been to me through this trying time…
    Love in Christ!

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