We have been laying low lately. Trey has been sick for a couple weeks with a virus/cough that won’t go away. He is finally on the mends. Luckily it was hot (like August hot) here, so we didn’t care to much to be outside.

ER is so close to crawling! She can army crawl anywhere she wants to go. She takes one and two “crawling steps” here and there but never puts it together. I know once it clicks in her brain, she will be gone! She gets in to things so much more than Trey! I need to get the play yard out of the attic!!!
I have been working on my art. It has been fun! I have some ideas and have been getting orders!
Mark has been working a lot! He just started job #3 tonight (ahh the glamorous life of church planters). I am incredibly grateful for a husband who works so hard for our family!
Our church is growing! God is working! God is moving in our city and it is really cool to be apart of!
This has been a difficult season in many ways but we are learning and growing!
I praise God He gives us each other, family, to walk through life with!
I praise God He never lets go!
I praise Him for His tenderness in teaching us how to follow Him!
I praise Him for the journey… the ups and the downs~ life with Christ is an adventure!


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