“Sleep like a baby”… NOT!

Who came up with the term “sleep like a baby”? Nobody who has children like mine!
My children do not sleep…. therefore Mark and I do not sleep! We have been dealing with this since Ella was about 3 months old. She slept through the night at 3 weeks and then out of no where she stopped… and I mean reverted back to newborn phase and completely stopped!
I wish I could tell you why. We have a great bedtime routine and usually they go to bed at around the same time with no problem. Some nights are a fight but most aren’t too bad. But both for different reasons wake up through out the night. Trey will just wake up wide awake like it is 3pm instead of 3am. Ella will do the same or she will wake up starving like she hasn’t spent the whole day before eating away. Sometimes she wakes up crying like she is teething or hurting but she still has no teeth.Trey has also been sick off and on all fall. So he wakes up coughing a lot. Other than that I don’t know… days and nights kind of run together.
If we are lucky we get one night a week of a complete night’s sleep.
I think we have decided to stop breastfeeding and see if that helps. Maybe she is not eating enough? I don’t know!
I just miss sleep!!! I miss being a fully functioning human being…. I run on caffeine these days!
I have read babywise and was really good with it with Trey. It’s harder with the second…. when the second wakes up the first or vis versa! At this point its hard to make any ground on a solution because I am too tired!
I have no solutions or tips for this blog… just venting….
I am praying God will give me wisdom to teach my children to “sleep like an extremely tired mommy!”


5 Comments on ““Sleep like a baby”… NOT!”

  1. cortneyhope says:

    Hey! Have you read “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”? It has been really helpful to me. I know that everyone has to find what works for their family, but it all made a lot of sense to Jeffrey and me. I hope that you get some sleep tonight! 🙂

    • I will check that one out!
      We have gotten two good nights of sleep in a row. I feel like now I have the energy to do something about it. Last night she cried it out because I was so sleepy I slept right through it. I really think that may be the solution…. even though its painful to go through.

  2. Monica says:

    I am terrified of just this. TERRIFIED ……
    I need sleep
    I thrive on sleep
    I can NOT function without sleep
    *feeling myself tear up, no kidding*
    Biggest fear with 1st was no sleep, biggest fear with 2nd is even more no sleep.

    • Hmmm….. yes, you should be afraid! lol Get sleep now… whenever you can!
      But when you watch your two play with each other and wrestle on the floor (yes my little girl can already take her brother!), it makes it all worth it! I promise!!!! Two is SO much more fun than one! It is in no way easier but so much better!!!!
      You, especially you, are going to love being a mommy of two! : )

      • monica says:

        I’m still terrified!! 😉

        I love your honesty more than you could ever know. I sometimes felt like I didn’t get it right when I hear…. “being pregnant is just wonderful” – I thought it was hard, uncomfortable and a pain most of the time. “labor is beautiful, I heard angels sing” – blah, blah, blah it’s also hard, emotional and scary no matter how much drugs you have. “having a baby at home is delightful and magical” – well, yes it is. but it’s also the hardest thing i’ve ever done. lack of sleep, lots of tears (for baby and Mommy) and overwhelming.

        I can say all that to you b/c I know you get it. I love Cole more than anything and am so amazed God thinks we can handle two, I am so very thankful he’s letting me carry and give birth to our second bundle. I am blessed beyond what I could have imagined. I can’t wait to have two and see them grow up together. It’s what I wanted more than anything, I begged, prayed and cried for Cole not to be an only child. That however…. doesn’t make all the other stuff “easy” 🙂 Just sayin’ 🙂 I love you!!

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