Provided for!

Almost three years ago to the day, Mark and I decided to follow God and be apart of a church plant in Savannah. These have been three stressful, crazy, unexpected, challenging but good years. I would never in my imagination envisioned the journey God has lead us on.
The biggest challenge and refining tool for us has been MONEY! In April of 2009, Mark quit his job in Atlanta and moved down here. Our bank account has not been the same since ; ) We have absolute confidence that God has put us in a season of little to teach us about managing our money and to show us more of Himself through the struggle. I am thankful! The Lord is such a gentle but firm teacher.
We have lived on very little in the last 2ish years and watched God provide in some AMAZING ways! We have always had what we needed. It may not have happened how I wanted or when, but God has never forsaken us. I don’t want to forget all that God has done! I have been very deliberate to journal, blog, scrapbook or paint the things that God has provided.
We had a discouraging budget meeting a couple month ago and I decided to make this.

It is my answered prayer board. It is just a chalk board. (Actually it is a set of three paintings I didn’t like anymore so I covered them in chalkboard paint : ) This one is specifically financial prayers answered. It is so good to see every day a list of answered prayers!
A recent one is our washing machine. Our washing machine bit the dust. With Christmas.. and well just as with any month our budget right now does not allow for any extras. We had absolutely nothing to replace it. I was about to take up the 1800 art of hand washing all our clothes until we could work it out.
I went back to Atlanta this weekend and ran into some good friends who are moving. They were trying to get rid of their washer and just decided to give it to us! So awesome! Awesome friends and an awesome God who always takes care of us!
Here are some verses I cling to in the area of finances:
Hebrews 13:5-6
Jeremiah 32:17
Psalm. 94:14,19
2 Corinthians 4:17
Proverbs 30:8-10
Deuteronomy 31:6


2 Comments on “Provided for!”

  1. Kerri says:

    I can’t believe it has been three years! It has been a blessing to watch your faith through your journey. I hope we get to see you guys next time you’re in town.

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