Last Minute Christmas Present?

If you need a last minute Christmas present idea, check out this cardboard playhouse! Michael‘s sells them for $19.99 but they have been on sale for $9.99 : )

And there is a 20% of entire purchase coupon here.
We did Christmas with the kids last Saturday. Out of all the presents, which included a Lightning McQueen bike, this has been the favorite! My kids have LOVED this. It is fun even for Ella because she can crawl through the door and hide! You are supposed to let the kids color the outside but I may or may not have waited until they went to bed to color. (It’s very stress-relieving, okay?! : )
It did take, however, less than 10 minutes for them to tear it. But it is still going strong and they are enjoying playing together!


2 Comments on “Last Minute Christmas Present?”

  1. Monica says:

    Cute! I saw these at CVS and Sam’s too I think? Super cute! Cole has a cardboard box house at my parents that is probably his favorite thing over there, right after the golf cart & Dad’s tractor respectively 😉

    Can’t wait to see yall.

  2. Tricia says:

    Graceanne got one of these for Christmas from her aunt and uncle! It is great and you are right – the two little ones have had the best time going in and out. Everyone joined in on the coloring. Love, love your felt food too! Merry Christmas

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