Finding God’s goodness in the chaos!

We have done it again. We moved AGAIN! That makes #5 I do believe…. in the last 2 years… almost to the day. This one was much harder than just relocating in the city of Savannah and actually even harder than when we moved from Atlanta to Savannah. This all happened so fast my emotions and brain did not have time to catch up. We uprooted everything we had come to know as normal and familiar in less than 3 weeks! My head is still spinning as I stare at cardboard boxes draped across the floor.
I did not realize how much I loved the city we were serving in or the people we were serving with until our moving van was headed west on I-16. Savannah is a very difficult city to serve in. There is a “dark cloud” as everyone says. But I have a special love for it. It is a learned and fought for love… but a deep love!
It is hard to leave. I know we are following the Lord and His next step for us is here but it doesn’t mean we don’t carry great sadness as we go. We miss our friends and the city we grew to love!
This move was also a mess! You would think I would be good at it by now but I’m not! It was physically and emotionally draining. Then to top it off our whole family came down with the stomach bug! Trey started just barely after the last box was unloaded and Mark and I were soon to follow. Not only that but the rest of our poor family has been laid out with it at some point this week! It is an awful bug!
The other day it was just all too much for me! I have my moments! In the middle of my children screaming, me feeling like trash all while over looking a sea of boxes, I lost it with the Lord!
“Have you forgotten about us? We just want to follow You! Can we just catch a break here?!”
I know I must look like a teenage girl to my Heavenly Father, but luckily He is patient with me!
After taking a much needed nap, God reminded me of a verse from James.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Jesus never promised a smooth ride. Look at His followers. We live on Earth not in Heaven. Times will be tough and ridiculous at times! The challenge is to not loose focus and see Christ in the good things. He is the one who gives all “good and perfect” gifts! The good things are from Him. Although through His Soverignty, He allows the bad, He gives the good!
Good and perfect things like…
my daughter’s snaggle tooth smile!
snuggling with my son before bed
the blessing of grabbing lunch with my husband
encouraging emails from old friends
being surrounded by loving family
even finding the perfect fabric to make my kids shared room work : )

I will choose to celebrate the gifts and trust God with the rest!


One Comment on “Finding God’s goodness in the chaos!”

  1. buddy says:

    I love watching God at work in people I love when even in the ‘hard stuff’ they still Believe and walk accordingly…ya’ll are a blessing to many

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