When Mommy is sick…

January had been no fun for us! I had the flu right after Christmas and on into January. We all passed around the stomach bug right after we moved. Trey got a nasty virus the following week and shared it with Mark and I. Mark ended up getting the beginning stages of pneumonia. And this is just in the last 31 days….
Oh an did I mention we moved across the state in the middle of all that?
Anyway, I am very over sickness!
The two out of the three illness I have this month, Mark have I been sick at the same time. We are blessed to live very close to both sets of grandparents now… in the same house close. : ) They have helped us out so much!
I was reading this blogand remembered some of my own Mommy sick tricks.
So when Mommy is sick….
– we enjoyed movie day!
– I put toys in the crib and a couple bins of toys in their room and declared “Room Time”. I would turn the monitor up very loud and lay down for a while in my bed.
– Give the kids a bath. They are contained in the bath tub and I would sit down for a little while… even though it was on the bathroom floor.
– Take a drive. If you really feel sick drive to a parking lot and put the car DVD player on…. I could at least rest while my busy little one was strapped in his carseat.
– Lie down in their room and shut the door. Trey has always had a twin bed in his room. I remember when I was pregnant, I would lie down, shut his bedroom door and let him play with toys on the floor.
– definitely sleep while they are napping!
– and when possible enjoy the blessing of grandparents our good friends watching the kids!


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