Creative Creator.

We spent an afternoon at the GA Aquarium last Friday. They are doing a $15 deal on tickets right now…. FYI.
It was so wonderful! The kids loved it! We loved it! I am debating season tickets.

Anyway, I was just taken back at the detail of God’s creation.

Look at the color!

We sat in front of the “big screen” for about half an hour.

A rock, of all things, caught my eye. It had a funny texture and reflected beautiful shades of pink and blue. I was just baffled at the Lord. In all His creation there is such detail and beauty…. even in a stinkin’ rock!
The Lord encouraged me. He has given me a lot of “creative energy”. I have ideas for all sorts of things. I often think, “What’s the use?” “Does it count for eternity to make my house beautiful or express beauty through art?” “Should I just keep things simple and not bother?”. On Friday, God reminded me of the detail in His creation. He could have just made all fish red. They could have all been the same size and shape. He could have kept everything simple and functional…. but He didn’t!
He made every fish unique, even if only in a small way. He made thousands of different species of fish. He made the rocks, shells, coral all different in texture and size. There is a whole oceanic ecosystem separate from our own on land. There are even depths of the ocean we have not seen. Who knows the mysteries of His creation there?
My point? Our Elohim, Creator God, is very interested in being creative! He is very pleased with beauty! He is very involved in the details! I believe as His creation, we all have a little creative energy and ability somewhere or somehow! Use it! Develop it! Embrace the gifts and talents He has given you! Rather you are just putting together a fabulous meal or painting a masterpiece, it is a holy thing to take part in creation!


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