I have been getting the question. “Are you guys done having kids?” or “When do you plan to have #3?”.
Well, to answer those questions: No we are not “done” having kids. And we never planned on #1 or #2 so I don’t really know how good our “planning” is!
I don’t know, however, if I will be participating in the whole birthing and carrying of #3, #4 or whatever. Honestly, I would prefer not to…. I really don’t like being pregnant. I hoping we will be able to adopt!
I wrote about our call and desire to adopt here: this I wrote this a little over three years ago. At the time I wrote it, I was actually pregnant with Trey but did not know it!
Since we found out we were having #2 right after Trey’s first birthday and #2 is about to celebrate her first birthday we have been thinking a lot about #3.
I don’t know why but adoption is all I can think about these days! I am praying God will begin to open doors and we will be able to get started! I can’t wait to watch Him move through the adoption process!


One Comment on “Adoption!”

  1. Kim arrowood says:

    It’s all we think about and every movie we see is about it and we didn’t plan it that way. We have our 1st meeting with Bethany on Tuesday to get our journey started. So nervous, praying for 15k. Domestic or international? Were going domestic.

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