Sisters in the Spirit : )

I am one seriously blessed lady! God has surrounded me with some amazing friends throughout the years. Thanks to facebook, twitter, email, and blogs I have been able to keep up with friends even better. It is just so good to see the way the Lord is working in all of their lives. I love the way He meets us where we are no matter what our circumstances or stage of life.
More than anything I love seeing and hearing from friends from High School who walked with the Lord then and continue to walk with Him now! I have been blessed to reconnect with some friends lately! I love to hear their “story”.
I want to share some links. I hope you find encouragement in the way God is moving in each of their lives.

Katie and I have been friends since High School. She is a beautiful and spirited lady! She lost her sweet brother a little over a year ago. Her blog is a refreshing and honest! Defying Gravity

Rachel is one of my dearest friends from Savannah. I love her so! She and her husband are “trying”. Although she hasn’t updated in a while (*cough *cough), she openly shares her experience and how she is finding the Lord on her journey. Adding to the Durbin Family

Candy is a sweet friend we meet while at Church at the Ridge. She tragically lost her husband last year. She bravely embraces the life God has dealt her! Her story is valiant! She shares what the Lord is teaching her through her pain.
Candy Jo

Laurie Ann and I have also been friends since High School. Even in High School Laurie Ann was so wise. Her genuine relationship with the Lord has always encouraged me! She and her husband live in Florida. God has recently called her to do something different. Her heart and devotion to her husband and her home is remarkable! This is us!

Last but not least, there is no friend like your sister! My sister Molly has a pure devotion for Jesus. She is trying to figure out life and direction as a “twenty-something” and is finding the Lord is with her every step of the way! 40:5 Photography

I could go on for awhile, listing friends who are walking with the Lord through all different Journeys! These were just a few I felt led to “highlight”. God is so good! Good friends are such a blessing! I am so thankful for the work of the Lord in each one’s life!

Just for fun:


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  1. LaurieAnn Harper says:

    Highschool pic!!!! hahaha, love it;)

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