Craft Room in a Dresser

My cousin gave me a book recently filled with creative and beautiful craft rooms! The rooms are so cute! I was very jealous! I would love a separate space to do all my “stuff”. But, you know, if I did have that place I would probably never use it!
This is my craft room:

aka…. our living room!
I do sell stuff (bibs, burp cloths, pillowcase dresses, onsies, bags, paintings, plaques…. a bunch of different things: penelope doodles). So I needed a work space/craft area.
This is how I made it work:

My husband’s grandparents beautiful old dresser doubles as a craft closet for me!

We used to use it in our bedroom but we haven’t had a bedroom big enough for this baby in years!
The dresser works perfectly to organize all my things and they are right there when I need them! I have a paint drawer, a sewing drawer, (most used) fabric drawer, “Trey’s stuff” drawer and a couple of junk drawers.

What I love the most is that when I’m done I just close it up! Out of sight out of mind!
Think outside the box when it comes to organization! Don’t rush out to the Container Store! The perfect organization solution may be right in front of you!


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