What’s new with us…

Just too catch up… Our family lived in Savannah the last two years. We served on staff with Canvas church. Loved the city! Love the people! We love our church! But felt God leading is back to Atlanta. (more about that).
Over the last couple of months I have been asked, “So what are ya’ll’s (a wonderful southern word) plans now?”. I have been asked this questions A LOT!
The answer: We don’t know!
I am a planner and always have plans but I have learned 99% of the times my plans do not work out.
Example: Mark and I’s “plan” for children involved waiting five years. We just celebrated our 5th anniversary last fall with two kids.
Anyway, those kind of things seem to be the norm for us. We are learning to hold our “plans” with an open hand.
But just to get it out there, here are our goals. These are some things we know we have been called to do or that God has laid on our heart for quite sometime.
#1 Ministry. Mark and I have both been called to ministry. We don’t know how or what that will look like next. We were in ministry and now are “out” of ministry. (We believe you are always to “minister” of course). But know, ultimately, we are called. We are waiting and trusting God to lead us to whatever is next.
#2 Adoption. This has been a goal of our since before we were married. We have always wanted to and felt lead to adopt. We don’t know if this will be international, domestic or through foster care. I keep running in to people who are or have adopted. We know we will be adopting soon but we are still trying to decided which route is for us.
To accomplish these two goals we feel God has led us to get healthy physically, spiritually, and financially. I am SO THANKFUL for our time in Savannah. We will never be the same! But it took everything we had. We sacrificed a lot of our marriage, ourselves and our finances. I don’t resent it nor would a change a thing. Some seasons just require more of you than others.
I am thankful for the Lord leading us “beside still waters” for a little while to restore the broken places in our hearts! So for now we are living in the basement to save money, going on a lot of dates, shopping for somethings we haven’t been able to buy for awhile, spending as much time as we can with two crazy little ones and taking refuge and rest in our home church.
But this is a season…. a season to restore and a season to prepare (as all seasons are I believe). It is our utmost goal “to get back out there” so to speak. It is our heart’s desire to be used by God and serve the Kingdom with even more vigor for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Anyway… just in case you wanted to know.
Next time someone asks, is socially acceptable to say “read my blog”…. kidding : )


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