Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers

I have been stressing over the best way to teach my toddlers about Easter! I love the Resurrection Eggs but there is one big fallacy when using them with toddlers: It is all figurative and abstract – toddlers understand the tangible!
So I decided to rework and modify the eggs…. not water down, just highlight truths of the gospel my babies can understand. So I dusted off my Early Childhood Education knowledge from college and came up with this.
Toddler Resurrection Eggs:

{ I started with Creation and our Creator God}
Egg 1- God said “Let there be light”. God created light and darkness. [inside: cut out of moon and sun]
Egg 2- God created the earth and ground we live on [ inside: dirt – note toddlers have no concept of the “Earth” a picture of the Earth is just a round blue and green ball…. that’s always a pet peeve of mine in children’s curriculum]
Egg 3- God made plants [inside a little flower or leaves]

Egg 4- God made bugs [inside: plastic bugs or pictures of bugs]

This one is true, God did make bugs, but its mostly fun. I find its always good to engage them in something they are interested in or get excited about.
Egg 5- God made animals [inside: pictures of animals]
Egg 6- God made people [inside: picture of people]
Egg 7- God made YOU! [inside: a pic of your children, small mirror or small flat piece of aluminum foil]
Egg 8- God made rules/10 commandments You can go two ways with this: talk about the 10 commandments or talk about the Adam and Eve and the apple. [inside: small pic of apple or hand-made 10 commandments]

Egg 9- Sin- [inside: black cloth/felt or a symbol your kids might relate with “time out” “spankings” or any other “punishment” God is perfect and knows all. When we break God’s commandments and rules, we sin against God. He made us! He knows what is best for us. He gave us rules because He loves us. When we break those rules, we sin against Him. Just like when you disobey mommy and daddy, there is punishment for disobeying rules.
Egg 10- Jesus [inside: picture of Jesus]BUT God LOVES us so much! He sent His Son Jesus to take the punishment for our sin!!! (John 3:16)
Egg 11- Cross [cross made from pipe cleaners] Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Egg 12- (Like the original Resurrection Eggs) Empty- Jesus was buried but on the third day He rose again! His tomb where He was buried was empty, just like this egg is empty. Jesus is alive!!! That is what we celebrate on Easter!!!

The italics are just suggestions of what you can say to your kids. : ) Although, I know my kids don’t understand death or especially resurrection, I want to at least get the truth in their minds in hopes that one day it will be alive in their heart!!!


2 Comments on “Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers”

  1. LOVE IT.

    I did the empty tomb rolls with Reagan and went over the different parts of it but this is definitely something I can do next year!

  2. Thanks Betsy! I wanted to do the Resurrection rolls too but it just didn’t happen this year….

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