Light Gap

Tonight I was driving home. It was dark and rainy. It was the annoying kind of rain that was in between keeping my wipers on or turning them off. So I would often get that awful ‘nails across a blackboard’ sound. Anyway, I have terrible headlights. If I am not on a busy highway, I turn my brights on because I can hardly see especially in the rain.
Well, tonight I couldn’t turn on the brights. I kept driving through gaps of light. There would be street lights, I would get used to that light and then there would be a gap. In the gap it would be so hard to see the road. (Did I mention I have terrible eye sight also… I don’t drive at night often. Don’t worry.) By the time my eyes adjusted there would be another brighter light. I found myself going with the bend of the road assuming its not going to change too much in the “light gap”.
I might get those headlights checked out, come to think of it!
Anyway, this got me thinking about our journey with the Lord.
There are times when the light is so bright I have no doubt about the next step we are to take. And then there are other times when I seriously have no idea where the Lord is leading next. Kind of a light gap. I know where He was leading, I know the general direction we are headed in but the path right under my feet is dark.

Our family is in kind of light gap right now.
We know what God has done. And we know the general direction we are headed in.
We know eventually our path will involve ministry. And the step before that involves my husband going back to school. So we were in this debate as to where to live. Do we buy? Do we build? Do we rent? It seemed like there were so many options that it got very overwhelming! I wanted the Lord to just place a rainbow over the right house or write me a letter and tell us what to do.

Even though, it is “the perfect time to buy a house” we have decided not to. We are renting an apartment near my husband’s work. Why? Because that’s where God placed the rainbow, of course. We saw it and signed the lease.
I wish….
Like I said its kind of a light gap. Based on the direction we are headed and path we are on, it is the best decision for our family right now. God did not write us a letter or place a rainbow over the apartment. It was just kind of a faith step to keep moving in the direction He is leading.
I am surprised we are headed back to an apartment but I don’t mind! I’m excited that we will get to see Mark more (especially with him starting back to school) and I’m excited about this new phase of our journey!
Even when it feels like a “light gap”, I know Jesus is near. I know He is guiding us and leading us down the road. The darker times build a deeper trust in Him, our guide!


2 Comments on “Light Gap”

  1. Katie Edfeldt says:

    I’m SUPER excited about this phase of your journey, for selfish reasons of course. 🙂 I choose to believe that Lord has lead you to an apartment for many reasons, one of which is to be closer to meeeeee!!!

  2. Kim arrowood says:

    Buy our house! 🙂 gets us out of a bind…jk hope your path is lit very soon! Jas would be happy to discuss school options if hes looking for seminaries.

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