Cars Dresser re-do

My son LOVES cars! I am making him a “cars” bedroom. He needed a new dresser and my mother-in-law had this one.

It was my husband’s growing up. That made it kinda special : )

Since it is particle board and has a weird finish. I sanded it in a circular motion just to rough it up a little bit. I then primed it with KILTZ and then painted two coats of red!
I bought the car decals a couple months ago when they were on sale at Target! I love this collection! I hate putting those things on the wall though… they either fall or never come off. I thought his dresser was perfect! I love the way it turned out!


One Comment on “Cars Dresser re-do”

  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! I love the red first of all, so my color!! I had a red dresser picked out from IKEA for Cole’s bedroom originally when we were going with the first cowboy quilt. That is absolutely awesome!! You are so talented chickadee. Someday you need to open a little boutique and I’ll come work the cash register for ya 😉 Good luck on the move. I hope to be giving birth at some point this weekend, ha…. We’ll see what little Lee and God has planned. Pray for sooner rather than later for me!!!!!!

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