Cheap girl’s room decor

We just moved again into an apartment. Decorating an apartment is a fun challenge. We are allowed to paint but we have to paint it back when we move out. Maybe I’m lazy but I just wasn’t feeling it. The wall color actually isn’t that bad!
I came up with a great way to add fun and color for free (well free if you have moved recently)!
The idea started w/ my kids playing with two large boxes. I decided to keep them around and paint them to match the colors in her room.
For the walls, I cut out clouds and a sunshine out of other flattened boxes. I let the kids paint the sun. I won’t lie. By the time the sun was done, I couldn’t take the paint mess. I finished up the clouds!
I used wall paint instead of acrylic. I actually found these colors in the oops section at Home Depot. They were the small “tester” jars. They only costs 50 cents!!

It is simple and easy and makes a big impact on bland walls! Best of all it was almost FREE!


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