To Remember

Today is actually my 26th birthday, but let me tell you, my memory does not reflect my age! I have a terrible, terrible memory! Names, scripture references, lyrics to songs, phone numbers, dates, and deadlines all get lost in my brain. Unless there are pictures or video of an event, I will not remember much of it! I blame it on being creative, somewhat of a dreamer, or maybe because I am a little (ok maybe not so little) bit ADD. I don’t know but I have an awful memory!

Recently, the Lord has had me camped out on the idea of “remembering”. Remembering who He is and remembering what He has done in me and my family have become extremely important to me!

We recently came through a very tough season emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. On this side of the struggle, I can look back with pretty good perspective. (Hindsight is 20/20 right?!) But instead of feeling victory, I am tempted to feel fear. The journey was rough. I am afraid of what could be ahead!

But the Lord has been teaching me in this “in between time” to sift through our experience and remember Him. To look back and remember what He did, to remember how He pulled us through and to remember He taught us so much gives me strength to look ahead!

“Remember the wondrous works that he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he uttered” Psalm 105:5

I do this in very practical methods! Things as simple as scripture index cards above my sink keep my heart and mind focus on His truth during the most mundane moments of the day (the times when the enemy wants most to talk to me). Scrapbooking is a very therapeutic way to reflect over a past season and see what God has done. You must be intentional though to point out and write about the Lord’s victories in your family instead of only family milestones.

My favorite and most visible way we tackle the art of remembrance in our home is through our “Memory Wall”! I may have mentioned it before. Every time we have moved it has grown. We think of more ways and more things to remember!

Think outside the box of just a wall full of pictures. If you are artistic, paint! I illustrated three different verses that God worked in us through certain events in our life. I also framed “mementos” to remind me of times the where the Lord was working.

For an example, one day when I was extremely overwhelmed at how little was in our bank account I took my son to the park. While we were at the park he handed me a a small flower. As I looked at that flower, the Lord brought to mind Matthew 6. He clothes the flowers of the field, will He not cloth me? Later that day, I taped that flower to a piece of paper with Matthew 6: 28-29 on it.

That memento is on the wall! I want to not only remember God’s faithfulness and provision but His intimacy and comfort!

This is the first home we have lived in where the Wall of Remembrance was in our dining room. I think I will keep it this way because it provides plenty of dinner conversation with the kids and company! It’s a visual way to brag on the Lord!

Our faith to follow Him in what lies ahead, hinges on the confidence found in remembering what He has done!


One Comment on “To Remember”

  1. Wendy Harmon says:

    I love this!!! GREAT idea and I am so happy to see The Lord is bringing to your memory His faithfulness 🙂

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