Reading Tree

I LOVE Pinterest! It has actually been a real blessing to me! It has gotten my creativity flowing again! If you don’t know what Pinterest is, just click the link and figure it out for yourself!
I have been trying to not just pin things but actually do them! I have tried several new recipes. And I am trying to actually do some of the ideas I find on Pinterest too!
I saw this the other day and loved it!

Source: via Trisha on Pinterest

I am always looking for cheap, bold and colorful alternatives when decorating, since we live in an apartment. I don’t want to paint but I can’t handle the bland walls.

Here is my tree. I put it in my daughter’s room.

I might go back and add the pictures; I’m not sure. Making the tree was so simple. I took a pack of scrapbook paper and traced my mixing bowls to make straight circles. I then cut the circles and glued them together. I cut the tree from cardboard. Luckily, we had just bought some bookshelves so we had a long piece. But if you don’t have that I’m sure you can make the tree in two parts.
With my sister’s help, I arranged the circles and tacked them to the wall! I then took a spice rack I wasn’t using and screwed it in at the base. It’s the perfect size for all her little cardboard books! And whoa-la! Reading Tree!


4 Comments on “Reading Tree”

  1. I love this!!!! What a great idea! You are so very creative!!!! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness this is so cute. Thinking I might have to do this in our playroom. I too love pinterest & am really trying to do some of the stuff I pin. Going to find you now & follow to see all your great pins.

  3. Wendy Harmon says:

    OMG, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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