Weekend Inspiration

On the weekend I am going to start sharing some “weekend inspiration” for you. These will be links to others blogs that are… well… inspiring! Home decorating, kids projects, crafting, travel, inspirational stories and them some will be the topic at hand! We will see where my ADD mind takes me!

This weekend I am sharing a BRILLIANT and creative idea from Shannon Berry Design Blog! I so wish I could do this one but we rent…. so for all you home owners out there! This is a beautiful bathroom!

How to make sharpie wallpaper!

If you are like me and do not own your home or do not know if you have the patience or time for this beautiful treatment, consider implementing it on a small surface. A large canvas, headboard or maybe even the side or backing of a bookcase. (which I am considering doing to our bland IKEA billys… don’t tell my husband… this kinda stuff stresses him out! ha ha!)

I think one key to design is inspiration! It’s not about copying someone else’s work but being inspired and translating those ideas into your own space! Happy Weekend!


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