Scrapbook Doors

Our family just made our 7th move. I wanted to find a way to honor and remember each home. The longest we have been in one place, our first town home, has been three years. The three years following we have lived like nomads, not on purpose, just… well… its a long story I’m sure my blog history could tell! We lived between 4 to 9 months (and not a day more) behind all of the other doors.
So obviously, it would be easy to forget all that happened and all that the Lord did in our family in that short time. So….

I saw this while shopping:

And this on the lovely Pinterest:

And some how those two were the muse for this:

-8×10 stretched canvas'(I got mine in a pack of 10 at Michael’s).
– Modge Podge (here is a home made recipe. It is ridiculous how easy it is! And it works!)
– Acrylic paint
– Newspaper, receipts, cards, letters, drawings, old mail… MEMORABILIA! (I like to save things I think I might use for scrap booking, projects etc. in a clear tub I keep in an easy to access storage spot. This way I can continually add to it. It basically holds the stuff that is in the junk drawer today but becomes tomorrows treasures.

Just cut a large piece of memorabilia to size, add a layer of modge podge, and then cut four pieces of memorabilia to make the insets. For the final layer of modge podge add a small dot or two of paint to the modge podge. Then outline insets and paint the numbers and door knob.

Now obviously, to include every facet of our home and experience, I would need a 10 paneled door! But this is just a small snap shot. It is another step to daily Remember what the Lord has done in our family! I put ours by the front door, of course! I am reminded that all though I may not see it at the time, the Lord is working (even in the ever so ordinary) here in our home!


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