How to maintain your humanity as a Stay at Home Mom: in the a.m.

– When possible, wake up before your kids!– We went through a phase last summer when my kids woke up at 6am…. on a good day. So, this did not happen. But on the norm, I try my hardest to get up before my kids and have some quiet time. On a good day this involves my Bible and some coffee but some days it just involves a couple minutes to collect myself and think through the day ahead.

Get Dressed!!!! Yes, one of the lovely things about being a SAHM is, theoretically, being able to stay in your pj’s all day. Why wear make-up? Who is there to impress? You 6 month old has no idea you have make-up on. This mentality really eats at your humanity, especially as a woman. Put some make up on! Grab some earrings and at least put a “nice t-shirt” on! This makes a huge difference in my day! I also feel my kids deserve my best when it comes to my job as their care taker. How would you feel if you hired a nanny and she showed up in her jammies, no make up and had not showered in a week? Just something to think about?

Work Hard! This is one the Lord has recently been working in my heart. I started thinking, “if I were hiring someone for the job of running my home and raising my children, would I hire me? If I were an employee what would my performance review look like?” I don’t think I would fair well. It is so easy to get sloppy. I don’t take my job serious enough. I realize the balance in calling being at home “a job”. I think, however, if I looked at it that way more often, I might do a better job at it and I might derive more value from it. On days I wake up early, intentionally plan out our day and work hard doing my best at the job the Lord has given me, I feel better too. I don’t feel as much like a dishrag. When I take my role/job seriously, I feel valiant in my role as a mother and homemaker!

Schedule off days or “vacation” days! I have friends who have Friday’s off. I get so jealous because they really enjoy their off day with their kids. They have a totally different mentality though. They are “off”!
As a stay at home mom, holidays are even hard to enjoy because they are just like all the other days. “Off days” just don’t exist. It all just kinda runs together.
Something I have started doing is scheduling off days. This can be a day when you take the kids somewhere special or maybe just lay around in your pj’s. (Sick days have no problem filling the calendar at our house! Too bad they can’t be scheduled!) I find by putting “vacation” time on the calendar, I can enjoy those days so much more!

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.” Colossians 3:23-24

Stay tuned… tomorrow Guilt and “clocking out”!


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