Maintaining your humanity as a stay at home mom through schedule

I read a book a couple of years ago that seriously changed my life! I know you are not supposed to say that but it really changed the way I think and prioritize things in our family. The book I read is by Randy Fraze called, Making Room for Life. In this book he talks about trading chaos for simplicity, arranging your life in a way to make room for relationships. One thing he talks about in his book is the Jewish calendar. They worked from sun up to sun down 6 days a week. Fraze challenges his readers to end their day at a certain time and relax. You will have to read the book but here is what I took from it:

Work from sun up to sun down: I am so very terrible at this and am convicted to implement this principle back into my life! For me, it is important to have a clear beginning to my day and a clear ending. If I don’t, I wake up when my kids do. I’ll clumsily throw together breakfast and probably loose my patience before the kids even get dressed. At night, if I don’t do this I find that I cook dinner, put the kids in the bath, put the kids in the bed, and then go back in to the kitchen to clean up dinner. I then notice the floors look really bad and mop. I remember a shirt that needs to be clean for tomorrow and start a load of laundry and then fold what is left in the dryer. I walk past the clock on my oven as I take the laundry to my bedroom and realize it is 9:45. It’s 10pm before I sit down on the sofa and by then there is only time for glance through facebook, check my email and head to bed for it start all over again.
On the contrast, waking up before the kids, I can enjoy some coffee and the Word. I can think clear enough to think through and plan our day, maybe throw in a load of laundry and start breakfast before the kids groggily walk out of their bedroom.
At night I set a time, say 6pm., and “clock out” at that time. I don’t do dishes, laundry or any cleaning after that time. I clock out at 6pm, things go differently. I have a few minutes to (theoretically… provided no melt downs) enjoy kids before tackling the bed time routine. We might take a walk as a family instead of me worrying over dishes and laundry. After we put the kids to bed, I have time to go work out, paint, read or even meet a friend for coffee.
Now this is ideal. You and I both know this doesn’t happen everyday but if I get 3 out of the 5 weekdays that is better than everyday of the week running into the next!

– Another, if not the most component, of our daily routine is NAPTIME! My kids nap! They nap not because the love sleep but because their momma requires them to nap! For me to make it through the day, I need a break! My son’s nap is getting shorter and shorter. He now has “rest time” in his room. He lays in his bed for 30 mins. If he is still awake after 30 minutes, then I allow him to read or play quietly for about an hour or I let him watch a movie. I do everything possible to try to grab at least an hour of alone time. This time may be spent paying bills or doing laundry but it is kid-free which I need for a little while!

The thing about schedule is that it is very individual. What works for somebody may not work for someone else! I do know one thing though, as a SAHM mom, our life works a lot better on a schedule!


One Comment on “Maintaining your humanity as a stay at home mom through schedule”

  1. Mary says:

    Awesome post! I know my life has worked much better when I’ve been on a routine. I might differ a little in that I’d add a bedtime routine, even after “clocking out”, just to be ready for the next day. I really want to get back into this – after I get used to having a newborn again.

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