Update: “Where are we living now?” The ever changing question for our family!

I haven’t blogged in a while. I do love it. Writing (or blogging) helps me sort through what the Lord is teaching me. 

Our family has just been through a very stressful time. It’s hard to blog through some seasons. About this time last year, we felt led to pray about moving back to the low country where we had previously helped plant a church. We prayed and God confirmed. He provided a job for my husband and provided for us financially to be able to look at buying a house. 

So we left another city, church and friends we had grown to love…. again! I’m not going to lie, leaving Atlanta the second time was a lot harder than the first time.

My husband ended up moving down before the kids and I. We looked for houses and I finished up working at my job. We made an offer on a house. It seemed like it was a go but the family ended up pulling it off the market. We found another house, liked it, made an offer, and it was accepted. Everything seemed great. It was in the perfect location and had  a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the inspection showed the house needed many costly repairs…. more than we could afford and more than our loan would allow. We had to terminate our contract. 

At this point, we had been living apart for almost 2 months. We had no house prospect so we decided to get a two bedroom apartment in the city where our old church was located. We moved 1/2 our stuff and our kids in to the cheapest two bedroom apartment we could find. Although we knew God had called us to move again, nothing was going as we had “planned”. Living in the apartment was rough. Our kids went through a rough sick spell, we were hurting financially, and were trying to adjust to a “new” city/life again. 

We were confused. After a little over a month, we decided to look at houses again. (Maybe we got a little impatient with our “6 month lease” but being a stay at home mom with two crazy preschoolers in a small apartment might do that to you.) There were only two houses on the market in our price range. We went with one and made an offer. It was accepted. Everything looked good. The house was in good condition. We didn’t foresee any problems. After trying to find homeowners insurance we ran into a big problem; no one would insure the roof. It was too old. That was obviously an issue. Neither us nor the homeowner could afford to replace it. So again, we decided to terminate the contract. 

We were very frustrated. We had a “come to Jesus” moment at home one night. It felt like God had called us do something and then just dropped us or forgotten about us. 

Although, we felt this way, we knew that is not in God’s character to leave us, forsake us or forget about us. So we started asking, “Where are you?” “What are you doing?”

We decided to try another route and look at living in the city where Mark worked (this seems obvious… I know). We were so close to our situation, it was hard to hear or see exactly what God was doing. We decided we would try it. Obviously, God had closed three doors in this city. If He didn’t want us in the city Mark worked in, He was more than capable of closing that door too. 

But a crazy thing happened. The doors started flinging open. We found a house, made a ridiculous offer and it was accepted. Our loan- that in my opinion may have never should have been pre-approved- went all the way to closing, with few glitches and in perfect financial timing.

So we have moved again! That makes three moves in 2012 and nine moves total since we have been married. A year ago, this city was not in any way on my “radar” but we have confirmation over and over that this is where He has called us to be. None of the journey or the location was in our plans. 

A couple things I have learned through our recent journey:

1. Disclaimer: I don’t think God always works this way. Sometimes we have to fight through ridiculous circumstances and nothing works out like it should (we have lived that route too). I think its about obedience! 

2. Don’t assume His plans. It is so easy to say “Yes Lord! I will do that. Let me figure out how to get there and what to do.” He may have something totally different in mind (His ways are Higher!). Keep in check with Him. Don’t get 10 steps ahead of God. 

3. Your obedience is between You and God. Just to get real for a minute, I almost didn’t move here because I was afraid of what people would think.  I realize more than anyone else it looks like, things got hard when we got to our church plant’s city and we just took the easy road out of there. I was embarrassed. We had just left Atlanta and told everyone we were “going back” and now our journey was about to take a really weird and confusing turn. It felt a lot like we had failed not once but twice at the whole church planting thing (or helping with one rather).  All of that to say, I had to learn to say “who cares”. I’m going to do what God tells us to do regardless of what people think.

4. God is in control! He is! No matter how out of control you feel, He is in control. Where He calls, He will provide and make a way. He is trustworthy and He is in control!

A sweet friend of mine asked me if we are planning on staying here. I laughed! I have no idea! I like it here. It’s different. It’s a small town but it is really growing on me. The only thing I do know is that by God’s grace, we will be obedient. We will follow where He leads and trust Him along the way! 




One Comment on “Update: “Where are we living now?” The ever changing question for our family!”

  1. Hey! Didn’t know you blogged, but enjoyed reading more of your story. We are glad you are here! I blog, too, sometimes- when I find time.

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